NOD32 Serials = 10 Jul 2011

July 10, 2011

Username: TRIAL-49499460
Password: rjxev4bprv

Username: TRIAL-49499464
Password: 6vx7krx5tk

Username: TRIAL-49499466
Password: ckx5ek8tue

Username: TRIAL-49499462
Password: x8xbrvmesr

Username: TRIAL-49499461
Password: k4r6r5m84b

Username: TRIAL-49499469
Password: ve7687jpmp

Username: TRIAL-49499467
Password: pr7adc83ku

Username: TRIAL-49499473
Password: tfmd3mut5d

Username: TRIAL-49499470
Password: akdb82jvc6

Username: TRIAL-49499475
Password: 35mauf7h58

Username: TRIAL-49499476
Password: dbtet87ptn

Username: TRIAL-49499478
Password: v8vbapx3rd

Username: TRIAL-49499479
Password: ae6f8hx8ft

Username: TRIAL-49499480
Password: f56c4cavhn

Username: TRIAL-49499491
Password: cbsec4hbtb

Username: TRIAL-49499481
Password: bkv4vdket4

Username: TRIAL-49499483
Password: 3xcdu2ksax

Username: TRIAL-49499482
Password: ns68v7kmjh

Username: TRIAL-49499496
Password: 4t3c2j6vke

Username: TRIAL-49499489
Password: mxc4dhhvcf

Username: TRIAL-49499486
Password: kskfpkvp38

Username: TRIAL-49499490
Password: 26k8dah55u

Username: TRIAL-49499495
Password: pns73r6pu2

Username: TRIAL-49499492
Password: 7tj675ts5p

Username: TRIAL-49499499
Password: mp8et6fscp

Username: TRIAL-49499498
Password: ah2atdfkma

Username: TRIAL-49499500
Password: f726n8rbn5

Username: TRIAL-49499503
Password: 3387ft47ed

Username: TRIAL-49499501
Password: tc8bm2rhdj

Username: TRIAL-49499504
Password: d8edfm4d6t

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Mesajul de blocare a site-ului nostru / Warning “Blocks” the website

January 27, 2011
[RO] Faceti urmatorul lucru inainte ca NOD32 sa “blocheze” site-ul.
Va rugam sa folositi acesti pasi usori astfel incat vei putea gasi si naviga pentru noi Username si Paroale zilnic fara probleme:
1. Dute la NOD32 (dublu click pe el din partea dreapta jos)
2. Click pe “Setup” (daca nu gasesti butonul “Setup” click pe “Change” din partea stanga jos a antivirusului pentru a selecta interfata avansata pentru a putea vedea butonul “setup”)
3. Apoi click pe “Antivirus and antispyware protection”
4. Apoi “Configure computer scan”
5. Cauta partea unde scrie “Web Access protection” the “Configure” click pe “+” din dreptul lui, apoi click pe “+” din dreptul “HTTP, HTTPS”
6. Dute la “address management” apoi click pe “Add” si adauga link-ul nostru https://nod32sn.wordpress.com
7. Acum chiar daca NOD32 va blocheaza site-ul ve-ti putea gasi Nume de utilizator si parola si de a naviga pe site-ul nostru!
[EN] Do the following thing before NOD32 “Blocks” the website.
Please follow these really easy steps so you will be able to find and surf for new Usernames and Password daily without any problems:
1. Go to your nod32 (Double click it on the lower right side)
2. Go to “Setup” (if you dont find “Setup” button click on “Change” in bottom left for advanced mode to see the “setup” button)
3.Then “Antivirus and antispyware protection”
4.Then “Configure computer scan”
5.Find a tab that says “Web Access protection” press the “+” beside it, and then press the “+” beside “HTTP, HTTPS”
6.Go to “address management” now press “Add” and add our link http://nod32keysfree.com/
7.Now even if Nod32 blocks the website you’ll be able to find new Usernames and surf our site!

Nod32 sn update’s

January 25, 2010

Here you have a list with different serial keys which you can use on your nod32 v.4 versions updates! You can use any username and password from down lists wich is updating with serials regular!